[EVENT] Chunface’s Awesometastic Birthday Bonanza~

Hey guys!!

It’s June and we’re almost halfway into the year~ Most importantly, IT’S PARK YOOCHUN’S BIRTHDAYYY :DDD *inserts chunface* So to celebrate this very special day, we’re having another birthday event!!!

The game we’ll be playing this time is version 2.0 of the game we played during the “Day Of The Duck”. Here goes~! :P

How to play

The answers to the crossword puzzle below are all words related to Yoochun. But instead of worded clues, we’ve maximised our artistic potential *cough cough* and drawn up clues for you instead!! (SEE CLUES BELOW PUZZLE ^^)

Note: The answers may not be only one word. Should it be 2 or more words, they should be filled in without spaces. Eg. LIKETHIS

Have fun!! :PP




1. Across

2. Across

3. Across

4. Across

5. Across


1. Down

2. Down

3. Down

4. Down

5. Down

6. Down

7. Down


Points to note:

– This competition will close on 18 June at 23:59 KST
and winners will be announced on dongbangdata.net, as well as contacted by email.


We will be choosing three winners with the most number of correct answers. The prizes we’re giving away this time are:

1. A Yoochun drama OST of your choice

2. A t-shirt we got from Timeout Gelato (picture will be updated soon :D)

3. A box of Timeout Gelato badges

Submission :

Simply leave a comment in the following format~

[Competition] Chunface’s Awesometastic Birthday Bonanza~
Answers: (You can put reasons if you want to as well…just for laughs!)
Across 1)
Across 2)
Across 3)
Across 4)
Across 5)

Down 1)
Down 2)
Down 3)
Down 4)
Down 5)
Down 6)
Down 7)


If submitted correctly, you should recieve a notice that the comment has been sent to our moderation queue.

If you have any further questions, you can tweet us at @dongbangdata , mail us at tohosuperu@gmail.com or leave a comment down here.

Good luck everyone!

2 thoughts on “[EVENT] Chunface’s Awesometastic Birthday Bonanza~

  1. wait so for submission of answers for this all I have to do is post another comment like this following the format given??

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