[Event] What’s Your Choice?

Its February!! The month of lurve~ and also a double birthday fiesta! (We’re following the Kfans and therefore celebrated Jaejoong’s birthday in January :P) And to celebrate Yunho and Changmin’s birthdays, we will be playing……

What’s Your Choice?

How to play:

There are 6 questions below. For each of the questions, choose your preferred answer between the options of : Yunho and Changmin. . The “winner” will be the member who gets the most votes, and we will award a prize to one person who voted for the “winner,” with a small winner-related prize.

For example,
Q: Who would you hire as your bodybuilding instructor?
Yunho – 2 votes
Changmin – 4 votes <— Changmin is the “winner” and we will give one of the four people who voted a small Changmin-related prize

A final prize will be chosen from those who pick the most number of “winners” and (if required) gets the answer closest to the tiebreaker answer, and for this final prize, we will be giving away the Bigeast Version of “STILL” with White Day memorial goods (We already ordered it! But will only be able to deliver it after it comes out, of course) This is considerably hard for most international fans to get, so we think that it will be worth the wait! :D

The questions you have to vote on are:

Question 1: Which member would you rather have tell your kids that Santa doesn’t exist?

Question 2: If you were stuck on a deserted island, which member would you like to have with you?

Question 3: Which member is most likely to get kicked out of Hell’s Kitchen first?

Question 4: Which member do you think would make the best air steward?

Question 5: If you were the owner of a shampoo company, which member would you choose to do a CF for your shampoo?

Question 6: Which member would make a better panda?

Tiebreaker: Guess the last 4 digits of JugglingTheClouds’ “TVXQ! Asia Fan Party in Singapore” ticket number.

Points to note:

– This competition will close on 18 February (Changmin’s Birthday) at 23:59 KST
and winners will be announced on dongbangdata.net, as well as contacted by email.

Submission :

To submit an entry to the competition, cut and paste the following format and submit it as a comment, together with the answer.

[Competition] What’s Your Choice
Answers: (You can put reasons if you want to as well…just for laughs!)

If submitted correctly, you should recieve a notice that the comment has been sent to our moderation queue.

If you have any further questions, you can tweet us at @dongbangdata , mail us at tohosuperu@gmail.com or leave a comment down here

Good luck everyone!