[TRANS] 111208 Hong Seok Chun’s Naughty Hand Strikes Again.. And Lands On Kim Junsu And Lee Gi Kwang’s Butts?

Hong Seok Chun recently posted another photo to add to his ‘naughty hand’ collection.

On the 8th, Hong Seok Chun posted a photo on his personal Twitter account with the caption, “A ‘naughty-handed king’ concept. The subjects on both sides of me are Junsu and Gi Kwang. My dongsaengs, who had no choice but to stand where they are, have suffered because of it. I’m sure your fans will enjoy this little photo. Just laugh it off JYJ fans and B2ST fans. To their international fans, they’re both doing well.

The photo shows Hong Seok Chun sitting on a chair with a regal(?) expression on his face with his fans placed to look like they are touching Kim Junsu(JYJ) and Lee Gi Kwang(B2ST)’s butts.

Kim Junsu and Lee Gi Kwang’s facial expressions of quiet resignation add to the humor of the photo as they contrast with Hong Seok Chun’s solemn face.

Hong Seok Chun then added, “My hands on resting on their waists, not their butts. I hope there aren’t any misunderstandings.

Netizens who saw this photo left a variety of comments such as, “He’s a naughty king”, “Why do they all look so serious?”, “Subjects who could do nothing about their king?”, and “I wonder how many more celebrities will fall prey to the naughty hand series?”

Source: [fnnews]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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