[TRANS] 110920 [C-JeS] The Management’s Course Of Action Against Online Defamation


First, we’d like to thank you all for the support and interest you have given JYJ’s first Korean special album.

It has been a year since JYJ made their new start with a worldwide album that was released all over the world. Since taking that first emotionally moving step, JYJ have been making musical achievements such as ending their world tour across ten cities in success, and have been making remarkable achievements as world stars by acting as global honorary ambassadors for the government, business and a UN affiliated organization.

We believe that JYJ’s fans have been doing the same as well. High standards are always put in place whenever fans come to concerts and beautiful donations by fans continue to occur on a regular basis. The wholesome support from fans, rice donations, and an interest for products advertised by JYJ continues to amaze those in the industry and the satirical advertisements calling for broadcasted activities for JYJ that were placed in newspapers, buses and subway stations began an opportunity for JYJ’s polished fandom culture to be recognized by the media.

We, C-JeS Entertainment, in charge of managing JYJ and its three members, always respect you, the fans, for what you have done and would like to deeply thank you.

However, instances have begun cropping up in the fan community where people who call themselves ‘fans’ make up rumors about the members and make personal attacks on them for the mere reason of being a ‘fan’, and we would like to post this notice today as an official strict warning as their management agency though we have been taking action on individuals till now.

We do not recognize anyone who makes baseless criticisms and rumors against any of the members of JYJ and attempts to discredit JYJ as a ‘fan’ and we will proceed with the necessary legal action with clear evidence. We have collected evidence against most of these offenders, including those who have already received individual warnings and police investigations, and if the posts in question are not deleted within a week of this notice or if these acts of defamation continue to happen, we will submit this evidence to the Cyber Terror Response Center for further investigations.

This is not simply a distortion of a fan’s heart, this is a grave crime. We ask for the understanding and respect from fans regarding this notice.

The three members of JYJ are more than just members of a group under our agency.

We hope you continue to anticipate good music and great activities from them as JYJ.

Thank you.

Source: [C-JeS]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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