[TRANS] 110920 TVXQ Grace The Covers Of Two Famous Japanese Magazines JJ And Ray At The Same Time

TVXQ’s Japanese domination is on a roll.

TVXQ will be on the covers of JJ and Ray’s November issues which will both be released on the 23rd. It is unusual to see celebrities on the covers of two fashion magazines that are released on the same date.

As if proving the extent of TVXQ’s popularity in Japan, a ‘TVXQ train’ has appeared. The ‘TVXQ train’ began running on the 17th and is covered inside and out with promotional posters for TVXQ. As a promotional activity to commemorate the release of the group’s Japanese album ‘TONE’, the train will run for two weeks till the 2nd of October on the JR Yamanote Line which runs through Tokyo.

Aside from the ‘TVXQ train’, there is also a bus wrapped with the jacket cover of TVXQ’s new album that is making rounds through the streets of Tokyo’s center.

TVXQ’s new album ‘TONE’ will be released on the 28th of this month and TVXQ are scheduled to participate in a variety of promotional activities.

Source: [Billboard Korea]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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