Junsu’s Signature and Message for Dongbangdata!

We had the privilege of meeting a certain Mr. Kim Junsu at his mom’s cosmetic shop by chance :) We gave him a little introduction about our site and he very willingly agreed to give us a signature and a little message!

His parents asked us what we wanted written on the signature and we said anything was fine, so this is what he wrote for us♥

“I pray that you’ll always be healthy and have a life filled only with things that make you smile/laugh ^.^”

A big thank you to his parents for letting us meet him, and an especially big thank you to Junsu for writing us such a sweet message!

~for our fan account, go here~

11 thoughts on “Junsu’s Signature and Message for Dongbangdata!

  1. OMG! Jun-chan is so sweet! I’m happy for you to be able to meet him and his parents! ^^ Dongbangdata hwaiting! o/

  2. OH MA SUN~ u’r so Lucky one ger^^~
    happy for u~
    and i wonder hows his feeling when u told him about ur bLog
    “DongBangdata” ??
    awww~ AKTF to the FIVE^^

  3. OMG! You met Junsu – Angel Junsu! Wow! Does he know that for so many of us he is one of the things that “make you smile/laugh.” I don’t think he knows. He really doe snot know the impact taht he has – and the other 4 members (JYJ and TVXQ).

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