[TRANS] 110412 MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Thanks Yunho

(T/n: This is part of an interview with Lee Joon – I would assume :D)

Q: From what you (Lee Joon) remember, whose words of encouragement has had the greatest influence in you?

A: U-Know Yunho hyung. He’s always been very straightforward with his compliments and advice, telling me “How you should work this expression”, and also tells me things like “You can do better.”

He’s been aware of us since we were promoting “Oh Yeah,” and has been guiding me since then.

He also said, “Let’s work hard together and become even cooler singers!” and would tell us about how he’s been working hard recently, so I am really thankful.

Source : [Cheersyunho]

Translated by : dongbangdata.net

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