[TRANS] 150122 Yeon Jin Goo Says, “Park Yoochun Was So Engrossed In His Role In ‘Sea Fog’ That I Didn’t Recognize Him At First”

Actor Yeo Jin Goo recently mentioned Park Yoochun’s debut movie ‘Sea Fog’.

Ahead of the release of his movie ‘Shoot My Heart’ on the 22nd, Yeo Jin Goo conducted an interview with OBS Plus and said, “Although I wasn’t able to watch Yoochun’s ‘Sea Fog’, I couldn’t recognize him at first when I saw the poster. I think he was that engrossed in his role.”

On this day, Yeo Jin Goo talked about Park Yoochun, who he was nominated alongside in the Best Newcomer category at the Daejong Film Awards, and said, “It was so great to see him for the first time in a while. When we first met, I didn’t get to see him very often because I was so young, but we got to know each other better through that awards ceremony.”

He continued to add, “Yoochun was very friendly and approached me first. I’ve grown a lot since my appearance in ‘I Miss You’ and he said he was surprised to see how tall I am now. I jokingly told him that his face was still the same after all this time.”

Yeo Jin Goo didn’t hold back on his praise for the older star as he said, “It was great to see Yoochun win the Best Newcomer Award. I met him when I was much younger than I am now, and to see him come so far, starring in movies and winning awards at film festivals, made me realize just how hardworking he is.”

Last of all, the actor lamented that he was unable to watch ‘Sea Fog’ due to its ‘R’ rating and added, “I saw the poster for ‘Sea Fog’, and I didn’t recognize him at first. I think he was that engrossed in his role.”

Yeo Jin Goo first met Park Yoochun when he played the younger role of Han Jung Woo (played by Park Yoochun) in the 2012 MBC drama ‘I Miss You’.

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[TRANS] 150120 Kim Jaejoong’s Mystical Photoshoot, “The Only People Who Accept Me Fully Are My Fans”

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong recently released a mystical, black and white photoshoot.

On the 19th, fashion magazine ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ released Kim Jaejoong’s photoshoot, which drew the eyes of many by showcasing his signature mystique and sex appeal.

In the photo, Kim Jaejoong is wearing a turtleneck and partially covering his face with it. His sharp gaze contrasts with his naturally mussed hair to create a mystical air around him.

In the interview that came with the photoshoot, Kim Jaejoong expressed his love for his fans as he said, “There are times when even I don’t like myself, but I know that the only people who fully accept me for who I am are my fans. Receiving that love has created an absolute trust between us. I never want to sacrifice myself for someone else, but if I ever had to, they (the fans) would be the only ones I’d do it for.”

Kim Jaejoong’s photoshoot and interview can be found in the February issue of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’.

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[TRANS] 140813 Park Yoochun Mentions TVXQ.. “I Hope We Can All Have A Drink Together One Day”

“Two tried to stay while three tried to leave. I hope all of us are happy right now…”

This is what Park Yoochun had to say about JYJ’s split from TVXQ, a group that recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, five years ago.

In an interview with edaily StarIn ahead of the release of ‘Sea Fog’, Park Yoochun was asked to rate his activities since the dissolution of TVXQ, to which he replied, “I was happy.” He continued to add, “But as time went on, I began to think, ‘What was it all for?’ It was probably a choice we all made for ourselves as individuals. Even the ill feelings I once had towards them are gone now. I truly hope that all of us are happy right now.”20140813093907067

Park Yoochun said, “I’m really excited to see the drama ‘Night Watchmen’, which Yunho appears in.” ‘Night Watchmen’ is MBC’s current Monday-Tuesday drama that began airing after the end of ‘Triangle’, which JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong appeared in.

Park Yoochun reminisced about his old colleagues as he said, “I hope it all works out for all five of us,” and “If we’re able to get together and have a glass of soju together one day, even that alone would be great, don’t you think?”

TVXQ made their debut in 2004 with ‘HUG’ and released a stream of hits such as ‘O-Jung.Ban.Hap’ and ‘MIROTIC’, becoming the most popular Korean idol group ever. Since splitting into a two-membered TVXQ and three-membered JYJ due to problems with their contract, they have been expanding their activities to the drama, movie and musical industries, showcasing their prevailing popularity and influence.

Park Yoochun recently made a comeback as both a singer and actor. JYJ released their second full-length album on the 29th of July and held their Seoul concert on the 9th. His first movie ‘Sea Fog’ was released on the 13th.

‘Sea Fog’ is based on a play that follows six sailors as their boat is flooded by a group of stowaways. In the movie, Park Yoochun plays Dong Shik, the youngest crew member who falls in love with Hong Mae (Han Yaeri), who becomes a stowaway to find her lost brother.

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[TRANS] 140610 Ohn Joowan Says, “Even I, As A Dance Instructor In SM, Had So Much To Learn From U-Know Yunho”

Actor Ohn Joowan (31), who is a former dance instructor of SM Entertainment recently opened up about his experience working with TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho (28, Jung Yunho).

Newsen met with the actor in a cafe in Nonhyun-dong, and he began reminiscing of his days as a dance instructor in SM.

Regarding the fact that he used to teach trainees, including TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho, while working in SM Entertainment, Ohn Joowan stated, “10 years ago, there were about 10 trainees in SM who I was in charge of teaching. I’m sure that there are others in that group other than U-Know Yunho who ended up becoming singers. Back then, they were just kids who were around thirteen or fourteen years old.”

As a graduate of Seoul Institute of the Arts, Ohn Joowan was once more passionate about dancing than becoming an actor. He said, “I’ve been dancing since I was in my second year of middle school. Dance was the only thing that didn’t make me feel stressed out. Just like that kid in ‘Billy Elliot’, I was happy when I was dancing.”


He continued to say, “The dance style that was popular when I was in middle school was b-boy dancing. In the suburbs, contemporary dance was rare but there was a lot of information and resources on b-boy dancing. I also had a lot of friends who wanted to do it too, so I started out with b-boy dancing.”

Ohn Joowan added, “When I became a high school student, I came up to Seoul with the thoughts, ‘I really like dancing, so I should learn at least one more style’ and ‘I really want to try contemporary dancing, not just moves you can pick up on the street’. I came and took lessons on jazz and contemporary styles of dancing. That’s when I decided that I wanted to apply for contemporary dance as my major.”

When asked, “Were you the reason why U-Know Yunho is able to dance so well?” he replied by saying, “No, no. Yunho’s always been much better at me in certain dance styles. I would show up to teach him, and I would always learn poppin’ dance from him.”

Ohn Joowan also stated, “We shared a special connection through our love for dance, not just as a student and teacher. We didn’t really talk that much because we could communicate through our dance moves. When I see these young trainees, I can see just how hard they must have worked to get where they are.”

He also added, “When I was a student at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, U-Know Yunho came for his college entrance exam. This was before Yunho made his debut as a member of TVXQ, and he came up to me and said, ‘Hey, teacher’. That’s when we got to know each other again. We still contact each other quite often.”

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[TRANS] 140127 [Star Talk] ‘December’ Kim Junsu, “I Still Feel Like A Fool In Front Of Women”


JYJ member and musical actor Kim Junsu has met with Kim Kwang Seok’s music. ‘December: The Song That Hasn’t Ended’ is a jukebox musical that opened in December and uses 24 of Kim Kwang Seok’s music to create a love story.

When it was found that Kim Junsu would be appearing in ‘December’, many were confused by his choice.

Since making his debut as a musical actor, Kim Junsu has swept up Best Rookie Awards and Popularity Awards left and right, moving on to win the Best Actor Award at the 18th Korea Musical Awards.  He has made his mark as a musical actor with real talent and immense ticket power.

Despite a flood of famous overseas licensed musicals up for grabs, Kim Junsu decided to choose the dangerous road of a ‘newly created musical’. This was what our first question was about.

“There were so many things about this musical that drew me in. I think I felt a sense of responsibility to take on a newly created musical after winning such a great award. Then there was the fact that the musical is directed by Jang Jin and uses Kim Kwang Seok’s music. It was an honor for me to be able to sing ‘December’. This musical requires a lot of acting and memorizing lines, so I hoped it would help widen up by spectrum. I’ve stayed humble and am open to learning as much as I can.”


Kim Junsu plays the role of Ji Wook, a man hurt by the memories of his first love, and plays a wide age range from his twenties to his forties. Seeing Kim Junsu play the role of Ji Wook in his twenties brings a smile to our faces. The charismatic ‘JYJ Kim Junsu’ is nowhere to be seen, leaving the cute and adorable ‘younger brother Kim Junsu’.

“The overall feel, way of speaking, movements and tone all come from my days as a student. When I was in middle school and high school, I would do nothing but sing and dance because I was so passionate about my dream. So I used to feel like a fool in front of women, just like Ji Wook. I still feel like that sometimes. I feel embarrassed and shy for some odd reason. (laughter)”

Kim Junsu is a presence in the Korean musical industry that can’t be ignored. Making his debut in 2010 with the musical ‘Mozart!’, Kim Junsu has showcased an amazing ticket power, selling out every performance he’s been in. ‘December’ is no exception. The Seoul performances of ‘December’ will come to an end on the 29th, and the 63,000 seats for Kim Junsu’s performances were sold out.Kim Junsu’s Busan performances (February 7th~16th) and Daegu performances (February 21st~March 2nd) were sold out as well. What is the secret to his success?

“I think people appreciate me for how hard I work. Musical tickets are expensive, so I feel a sense of responsibility to make each performance worth the ticket price. It’s been five years since I’ve appeared on broadcasted programs due to various reasons, and I want to thank everyone for their unlimited love. I truly think of myself as a lucky person.”


When asked what production he’d like to appear in next, Kim Junsu said ‘Man of La Mancha’, ‘Jekyll and Hyde’, ‘Hedwig’ and ‘Sweeney Todd’. Finally, we asked what the end game of this lover of Korean musicals is.

“I plan to stop releasing albums as a singer when I believe that no one is waiting for me anymore. But I want to keep performing in musicals. Please keep watching over me as I evolve as a musical actor.”

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[TRANS] 140127 Kim Junsu Says, “I Was Surprised By The ‘Crowd Of Middle-Aged Men’ At My Performances”


– Kim Junsu, A New Musical ‘December’
A Jukebox music filled with Kim Kwang Seok’s music, “This is the first time I’ve had so many lines, I tried to surpass my limits”

‘December’, a newly created musical that opened its curtains last month, was the biggest hit in the musical industry in 2013. Not only is it a jukebox musical that brings all of Kim Kwang Seok’s music to one performance, but it also features JYJ’s Kim Junsu (Xia Junsu, 27) as its leading role. The reviews weren’t great at first and the musical wasn’t expected to succeed because, “It’s awkward to see an idol sing Kim Kwang Seok’s songs.” But over 85% of tickets for the 30 Seoul performances were sold, and the musical now moves on to Busan on February 7th. This is where Kim Junsu’s ‘ticket power’ came into play. On the 24th, we met with him at a waiting room in the Sejong Culture Center.

“I suddenly heard the booming laughter of a bunch of middle-aged men. That’s the first time I’ve heard such a sound at a performance.” This was his reply when we mentioned that many middle-aged people in their fifties and older were watching the musical. Though many were drawn to the memory of Kim Kwang Seok, not many tickets would have been sold if Kim Junsu wasn’t great at what he does.

– You have one of the greatest ticket powers in the Korean industry, alongside Jo Seung Woo, who is currently performing ‘Man Of La Mancha’. It must have been a great risk, taking on a musical that hadn’t been proven yet…

“I made my decision to appear in the musical as soon as I heard ‘December’, Kim Kwang Seok’s unreleased song. I believed that me doing my best was what I could do to repay the industry that gave me the opportunity to sing again. I didn’t have any videos to reference, and I had to make my own movements and accents. What was most difficult were the lines.”

– Since making your debut in 2010 with ‘Mozart!’, you’ve only taken on song-through musicals. You have a lot of spoken lines in this musical. The way you spoke was quite unique, and we could feel your sincerity in your words.

“I had always limited myself by saying ‘I’ll try out acting later,’ but I finally broke through that limit with this musical. Gathering up the courage to try made me more confident. Though I don’t have the greatest voice, I will continue to show exactly who I am through my work.”

– Isn’t it strange to be acting inside a 1990s environment?

“At first, the concepts of falling in love at first sight or waiting on the roof of a boarding house were so strange to me. People meet and break up on KakaoTalk these days, don’t they? But once I delved into Kim Kwang Seok’s music and the sentiments of that time period, I could feel the sincerity of those actions.”

– You received loud applause for your rendition of ‘If Only Love That Is Too Painful Wasn’t Love At All’ at the end of the first act. You looked like you were completely into it.

“I thought about holding back and showing false emotions, but that doesn’t happen when I stand in front of the audience. It’s a song that comes after talking to someone who has already died. I put all of my sad emotions into my performance, and I cried while I sang. Doing that drains me and makes it hard for me to stay on my feet.”

– It must have been difficult to take on the role of a man in his forties for half the musical.

“It really wasn’t easy, so I came up with an idea to make it work. I pretended to act like a guy in my teens in scenes where I was supposed to 25, and that made me look much more sophisticated in my older role. In the second act, it was really hard to act drunk because I’ve never consumed alcohol before. We ended up cutting back on the scenes that had me having a drink.”

– Were you happier in your glory days as a member of TVXQ or now?

“Now. In the past, it felt like I was living the life of TVXQ, not my own. When I stand on stage, I can really feel the audience’s support for me. Musicals are so powerful and addictive.”

Since leaving TVXQ, JYJ have been unable to appear on broadcasted programs because of their dispute with their former agency. When we asked him, “But don’t you still want to appear on televised programs?” he didn’t hold back on his true feelings and said, “I really do.”

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