[TRANS] 150502 JYJ Junsu Shows Support For Gummy, Makes A Guest Appearance At Her Concert

JYJ’s Junsu attended Gummy’s concert as a guest.

On the afternoon of 1 May, Junsu appeared on the stage of Gummy’s solo concert ‘Fall in Love’, which was held at the Ewha Womans University Samsung Hall.

Upon being introduced by Gummy, Junsu began the guest performance with ‘Flower’. Following that, he said, “It’s my first time (singing) at another artiste’s concert. It’s the first time since the TVXQ days when we attended our seniors’, Fly to the Sky and Kangta’s, concerts as guests. I’m happy and honoured that it’s for Gummy’s concert, as she is a singer I like.”

In addition, he drew much laughter when he tried to survey the age group present at the venue, by saying, “My concerts mostly have audiences from the late 20s to 30s, I’m curious which generation is the majority here at Gummy’s concert.”

Finally, he ended off the guest performance with the number ‘Loving You Keeps Me Alive’ from the musical ‘Dracula’.

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[TRANS] 150212 Kim Junsu Releases The Poster For His Solo Concert ‘FLOWER’

The poster for Kim Junsu’s solo concert ‘FLOWER’ has been released.

On the 12th, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We have released the poster for Kim Junsu’s Asia tour, which will begin in Osaka in March. The poster shows a more masculine side of Kim Junsu, in contrast to the boyish charm we’ve seen before.”

In the poster, Kim Junsu is wearing a black shirt and vest while giving off a chic yet sophisticated aura. Along with the teaser images that were released on the 11th, this masculine side of Kim Junsu is heightening the anticipation for what the singer will do for his next album.

A representative of his agency stated, “The title of the album is ‘FLOWER’ and the poster was created by combining Kim Junsu’s photo with flashes and flowers. The mystical aura of the poster is only a taste of the new things that will be showcased during Kim Junsu’s concerts.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu will kick off his Asia tour in Osaka on the 3rd of March, and will continue on to perform in Seoul, Shanghai, Thailand, Tokyo, Fukuoka and Nagoya.

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[TRANS] 150208 Park Yoochun in Beijing, “Would Like To Act In A Chinese Martial Arts Film”

Korean artist Park Yoochun held his solo fanmeet, titled “Park Yu Chun Loving YU”, at the Beijing Olympic Sports Center at 7.30pm on 7 February. Earlier that afternoon, Park Yoochun first made his appearance at a press conference, and greeted the media in Chinese. He also revealed, “I’ve specially prepared live performances for the Chinese fans today. I hope to interact with the fans for a longer period of time and at closer proximity, and make good memories for everyone.”

Would Like To Act In A Martial Arts Film If He Could Do A Movie in China
Park Yoochun made his debut as a singer back in 2003, and began gaining recognition as an actor since 2010 after starring in projects such as “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, “Miss You” and “Haemoo”. He has been awarded multiple Most Outstanding Actor awards for his dramas, and swept the Best New Actor awards at award shows including the Blue Dragon Film Awards and the Daejong Film Awards last year with the movie “Haemoo”. Such good results are not commonly seen among the idol singers-turned-actors in the Korean entertainment industry.

During the press conference, Park Yoochun mentioned that he had received invites to act in Chinese movies and dramas and said, “If I were to come to China to film a movie, I hope it’ll be a period martial arts film. I’ve seen a lot of such movies since I was young and it seems especially cool, so I’d like to challenge myself.”

Surprised At The Support From So Many Fans In China
Last year, Park Yoochun participated in the recording of the ‘Homme Fatale Season’ special episode of “Happy Camp”, and achieved high viewer ratings. He feels that one cannot be overly relaxed when filming variety shows, and should work hard at it, but the entire process was very interesting. “It was a very interesting experience. If there were similar programs in Korea, it should be very well received. The hosts of ‘Happy Camp’ are all really nice people.”

Park Yoochun opened a Weibo account on 6 January this year, and there were over 20,000 reposts on his first Weibo post. He said that he had not expected such a large response, “I did not expect that there’d be so many Chinese fans supporting me, it was really a surprise.”

Singing “十年 (Ten Years)” and  “童话 (Fairy tale)” For The Fans During The Fanmeet
During the Beijing Fanmeet which was held later that night, Park Yoochun specially chose two classic Chinese songs “十年” and “童话” as a special surprise for the fans in China. With regards to learning Chinese songs. he mentioned that learning them was easier than expected, and very interesting. “Chinese is difficult to learn because of the intonations, but when singing there isn’t a need to consider the intonations, and I can sing following the melody and music, so I think learning Chinese songs is a fascinating thing.”

After the press conference ended, Park Yoochun immediately went to the venue of the fanmeet to rehearse, in order to present a perfect performance for the fans. He said, “Having the first stop of this fanmeet tour here in Beijing makes me both anxious and excited. I hope to be able to have longer and closer interactions with the fans, so that everyone can take home the best memories.”

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[TRANS] 150206 March 2015, Kim Jaejoong’s Last Korean Event Before Enlistment Confirmed!!


Good afternoon.  This is JYJ’s Japan Official Website.

It has been decided that a Jaejoong event will be held in Korea this coming March.

The title (of the event) is ‘All About Jaejoong’.

This event will be the last event before enlistment, and Jaejoong  will be giving his last greetings to the Japanese  fans.

The detailed schedule will be released at a later date, after more details have been decided upon.

In the meantime, please wait patiently^^

*Details regarding this event will be posted on the official site once they are confirmed. We ask that you kindly hold off any enquiries relating to this event in the meantime.

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[TRANS] 150131-150204 Post of JYJ SNS Updates

This post will be updated throughout the day with Twitter, Naver LINE and Instagram updates by JYJ. A time will be added with each tweet, LINE message and Instagram update as our translators will not always be able to provide instant translations This post includes updates from 6am KST, January 31st to 5:59am KST, February 5th.

(Junsu, 3:02pm KST, 150131, Twitter) Is this the first time I’ve ever had my hair this long while blond? In a random bathroom in Jeju. https://twitter.com/1215thexiahtic/status/561404233392459777/photo/1

(Junsu, 10:28pm KST, 150131, Twitter) Toscana at night. Isn’t it pretty haha https://twitter.com/1215thexiahtic/status/561516310815707136

(Junsu, 1:17pm KST, 150201, Twitter) The seas of Jeju https://twitter.com/1215thexiahtic/status/561739985003364352

(Junsu, 2:43pm KST, 150201, Twitter) Here’s a photo of me with the sea in the background haha https://twitter.com/1215thexiahtic/status/561761812610183171

(Junsu, 10:02pm KST, 150201, Twitter) I’ve donated a watch I’ve worn before to the FC MEN bazaar that will be held on the 7th of February. The money we raise from the auction will be donated to the children’s rehabilitation hospital that Sean is an honorary ambassador for, so please participate and share this information ^^ https://twitter.com/1215thexiahtic/status/561872288136454144

(Jaejoong, 8:31pm KST, 150204, Twitter) They say that you have to know how to empty something when it is overflowing, and you have to gather up and look back on all the things you regret. I’m not emptying this (Twitter account) because it’s overflowing, I’m just doing it to fill this space even more. So don’t be upset (by my actions)~ Because joy and happines is on its way to fill this space with good things.

(Jaejoong, 12:50am , 150205, Twitter) https://twitter.com/bornfreeonekiss/status/563001695257767937/photo/1

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[TRANS] 150205 Kim Jaejoong Warms The Hearts Of Many By Thanking The Staff of ‘Spy’ With A Handwritten Note

Kim Jaejoong’s handwritten note to the staff of ‘Spy’ was recently revealed.

Kim Jaejoong brilliantly plays the role of Seon Woo, an elite NIS analyst, in the KBS drama ‘Spy’. The staff and cast of ‘Spy’ are currently braving subzero temperatures and biting winds overnight to complete their filming schedules.

It was recently discovered that Kim Jaejoong had secretly written a note of encouragement for the staff of ‘Spy’, which warmed the hearts of all who were there.

Kim Jaejoong poured his gratitude for the staff into the note as he wrote, “Hello, this is Jaejoong. I’m sure you’re all so tired from the busy filming schedule. Please don’t fall ill and make sure you take care of yourselves. As someone who is younger and less experienced, I have so much to learn from you all and I gain so much strength from being around you. I’m always grateful to be with you all. We still have quite a way to go. Please stick with me till the very end. I will do my very best.”

The star has been praised by staff members for his warm and affectionate personality, as he is often seen approaching the staff to chat or share a joke.

The 9th and 10th episode of Spy will air on the 6th of February from 9:30 to 11:10pm KST.

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[TRANS] 150205 Fans From All Over The World Make Donations To Celebrate Jung Yunho’s Birthday

With reports that Jung Yunho (U-Know Yunho) donated his entire performance fee for appearing in the movie ‘Ode to My Father’, it was recently found that his fanclub also made a donation to help children in need.

The Green Umbrella Child Fund, a global child welfare organization (www.childfund.or.kr), announced that fans from Korea, China, Japan and the US made donations to the foundation to celebrate Jung Yunho’s birthday, which will be on the 6th of February.

Members of Jung Yunho’s Korean fanclub ‘DC Inside U-Know Yunho Gallery’ visited the Green Umbrella Child Fund’s Virgin Mary Benevolence Orphanage on the 24th of January to provide lunch and a variety of donations such as winter appliances and school supplies. The donations that were made will provide warmth and educational support for the sixty children living in the orphanage.

Fans from all over the world also lent a helping hand to those in need to celebrate the singer’s birthday. The American fanclub ‘Dongbang Aemi (동방愛미)’ donated 3 million Won, the Japanese fanclub ‘KACHIKAJA Be with Yunho from Japan’ donated 2.06 million Won and the Korea-USA-Canada joint fanclub ‘JungYunhoFans’ donated 3.63 million Won. This came to a total of 8.7 million Won in donations that were made to help marginalized children through the Green Umbrella Child Fund.

The fanclubs’ proactive donation participation stems from Jung Yunho’s love of helping others. Jung Yunho donated his entire performance fee from ‘Ode to My Father’ to the Green Umbrella Child Fund and said, “I want to help in whatever way I can so that all children can nurture dreams and hope in their hearts.”

To honor the star’s sincere efforts, his fans have also participated in a variety of donation drives over the years, paying for the medical fees of children with rare diseases and donating rice for senior citizens and others in need.

One member of Jung Yunho’s fanclub said, “I was able to learn so much about the gift of giving as a fan who has watched Jung Yunho regularly participate in donation drives and show his love and affection for all children,” and “We will continue to help those in need in accordance to his kind and giving nature.”

CEO Lee Jae Hoon of the Green Umbrella Child Fund said, “Thanks to the kind hearts of Jung Yunho’s fanclub, we have been able to nurture the hopes and dreams of many marginalized children,” and “We will treasure the donations and supplies that have been given to us, and use them to ensure a bright and healthy childhood for those who need help.”

Meanwhile, Jung Yunho played the role of Nam Jin, a top star in the 1970s, in the movie ‘Ode to My Father’. His perfect Jeolla Province dialect and impressive acting skills added more excitement to the movie, kicking off a successful movie debut for the star.

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