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[TRANS] 140310 TVXQ, “Sunmi Has The Greatest Choreography These Days, It’s Really Classy”

TVXQ brought Sunmi up in their conversations.

During today’s broadcast of MBC FM4U’s ‘Kim Shin Young’s Hopeful Song of Noon’, TVXQ appeared as guests and chose Sunmi as the singer with the best choreography these days.

DJ Kim Shin Young asked, “TVXQ can never be left out when talking about choreography, which singer has caught your eye these days with their polished choreography?” Max Changmin replied, “Yunho and I talked about this yesterday, and we both think that Sunmi has a great dance routine. It’s really classy.”

U-Know Yunho added, “The concept for her song is really specific. I didn’t know she was actually going to draw a moon with her hands.”

When DJ Kim Shin Young kept asking about Sunmi, U-Know Yunho said, “The first time we met her, she told us that she was a member of our fanclub. More and more juniors are coming out and revealing that they were in our fanclub.” When asked who these stars were, U-Know Yunho hesitated for a moment before he said, “There’s Dal Shabet’s Woo Hee, Girls Day’s Min Ah, a member of BESTie, and EXO’s Xiumin and Chen.”

Max Changmin added, “More and more juniors are coming up to us and telling us that they were our fans, with a level of sincerity that brings truth to their statements, and it makes us happy to see them do well as singers.”

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[TRANS] 140310 Max Changmin Makes The Shocking Comment, “U-Know Yunho’s Pecs Are Kind Of Like Little Hills”

Max Changmin dropped a bomb on U-Know Yunho.

During today’s broadcast of MBC FM4U ‘Kim Shin Young’s Hopeful Song of Noon’, TVXQ talked about the parts of their bodies that make them feel inferior.

When asked about the parts of his body he is least happy about, U-Know Yunho said, “There are a lot of things I’m not happy about. My hands are a complex for me. I’ve been taking care of them more since our stylists told me to, but I have a lot of calluses on my hands,” and, “My pectorals are bigger than those of most men. It becomes an issue when I don’t exercise.”

Max Changmin dropped a bomb when he said, “To explain it, shall I say that his pecs are kind of like little hills, more peaked than most men?” DJ Kim Shin Young chided him and said, “What do you mean pectorals can be hills?” to which Max Changmin immediately apologized with a smile on his face.

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[TRANS] 140310 TVXQ Say, “We Weigh 8kgs More Than Our Profiles Say We Did 7 Years Ago”

TVXQ revealed their weights on a radio show.

During today’s broadcast of ‘Kim Shin Young’s Hopeful Song of Noon’, TVXQ fixed the information on their profiles, which hadn’t been updated for over 7 years.

DJ Kim Shin Young said, “Max Changmin is said to weigh 61kg and stand at 185cm. Is that right?” Max Changmin replied by saying, “My profile hasn’t been fixed for over 7 years. That’s my old weight and I weigh about 69~70kg now. I haven’t gotten any shorter.”

U-Know Yunho said, “It says I weigh 66kg and am 183cm tall. I think my bones have grown as I’ve aged. I weigh around 74kg now.”

DJ Kim Shin Young added, “It’s probably muscle weight. You used to be quite skinny in the past, but now you’ve bulked up a bit.”

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[TRANS] 140310 Max Changmin Says, “A Middle School Fan Once Told Me, ‘To Be Honest, I Can’t Just Love You And You Only’..”

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.19.06 PM

Max Changmin revealed that there is a specific letter from a fan that he still remembers.

During today’s broadcast of MBC FM4U’s ‘Kim Shin Young’s Hopeful Song of Noon’, TVXQ, who recently made a comeback with their new track ‘Spellbound’, appeared as guests and opened up about their fan letters.

When asked how he felt about the group’s global popularity, U-Know Yunho said, “We get a lot of responses from Japan especially, because we’re very active there, and we get messages from all over the world, even through YouTube. We’re a little taken aback when we receive a letter in a different language, but we’re touched when we receive letters written in Korean.”

Max Changmin smiled and said, “Speaking of fan letters, there’s one that I’ve never forgotten. I was in Busan for a scheduled activity, and I received a letter from a fan in middle school. It said, ‘Changmin oppa, I really love you,’ on the front, but on the back it said, ‘But to be honest, I can’t just love you and you only.’”

Kim Shin Young had everyone laughing when she added, “I used to say that Jang Woo Hyuk would be the only love of my life forever, but I ended up changing my mind. I met my first love three years after saying that.”

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[TRANS] 140310 Girls Generation-TVXQ-Shin Dong Yeob-SHINee Show Their Support For SM Labelmate Lee Dong Woo


Girls Generation, TVXQ, Shin Dong Yeob, and Kim Byung Man, as well as the rest of the SM family, have all stepped up to show their support for Lee Dong Woo.

On the 8th, Lee Dong Woo successfully held the first performance of his play ‘Superman of My Heart’, the last installment of his ‘Superman Project’. Fellow labelmates, such as Girls Generation, TVXQ, Shing Dong Yeob and Kim Byung Man, wrote messages of support for him.

The released photo shows Girls Generation, TVXQ, SHINee, Shin Dong Yeob, Kim Byung Man and Hong Rok Ki smiling and holding messages of support for ‘Superman of My Heart’.

Girls Generation, Super Junior, SHINee and Lee Yeon Hee also left messages of support in a video through SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel, expressing their excitement for the new play.

The play depicts the story of a famous actor who loses his eyesight in a car accident, having to set aside his dreams and go back to his hometown to set up a supermarket. There, his 10-year-old daughter, who he didn’t know existed, appears in front of his eyes. Lee Dong Woo plays the role of Sung Goo as he transforms from a man with no dreams to a true father.

‘Superman of My Heart’ will be held from now till the 6th of April.

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[TRANS] 140310 ‘Good Morning’ JYJ Participate In An Advertisement For The Incheon Asian Games


Group JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) have stepped up as the honorary ambassadors of the Incheon Asian Games.

The episode of SBS’ ‘Good Morning’ that aired on the 10th included a segment that followed JYJ as they shot an advertisement for the Incheon Asian Games.

On this day, the members of JYJ drew the attention of everyone around them with their bubbly attitudes and enthusiasm.

In an interview with the staff, Junsu was asked, “Which sports category are you most excited for?” to which he replied, “I’m most excited about soccer because I love playing soccer.”

Jaejoong showed his support for Sohn Yeon Jae when he added, “I worked with Sohn Yeon Jae on her gala show once, and I hope she does really well in this year’s competitions.”

Meanwhile, the 17th Incheon Asian Games will be held from the 19th of September till the 4th of October, bringing together athletes from 45 Asian countries to compete against each other.

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[TRANS] 140310 Max Changmin – Moon Ga Young, A Behind-The-Scenes Shot Of Their Sweet Mural Date Is Released


A behind-the-scenes photo of TVXQ’s Max Changmin and actress Moon Ga Young’s mural-painting date has been released.

Cable channel Mnet’s ‘MiMi’ is set to air its last episode on the 14th of March.

With its last episode coming up, the drama has released a photo of MiMi (Moon Ga Young) and Minwoo (Max Changmin) enjoying their time together as they paint a mural. The two stars drew the attention of many for perfectly portraying their role as two high school students in love.

The photo comes from the scene where Minwoo apologizes to MiMi by painting her a mural. As the scene that depicted the beautiful and shining first love of young people, it is set to make a reappearance in the 4th episode and have its secrets unravelled.

Meanwhile, the last episode of ‘MiMi’ will air at 11pm on the 14th of March.

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